For anyone who wants to buy a used car or want to sell their car, Nihar Motors is an excellent choice. It is the most popular used car showroom  in Odisha vouches for its quality in terms of service, product, delivery and being the single point of contact for the customer to fulfill their needs. We have a fantastic sales team which is supported by our qualified technical team. They are the twin drivers of our growth. They are led by our inspirational management. Our showroom has excellent infrastructure to house several cars. Customers and their families have full faith on us. We have tied up with dependable partners to assist with financing and insurance.



We have won several awards over the few years. However our greatest reward is our customers vouching for us and referring us to their network. The vision of Nihar Motors summarizes its priorities, With a firm belief in the statement “Customer is our 1st priority”, the sales team and staff members are dedicated to take due care of their customer’s requirements. We aspire not to stop here and are poised for tremendous growth in the future. Our focus is  growing along with all our stakeholders.